Hilltop training to start Sunday morning.

That’s what I was told, anyway.

It was actually three laps of the ever so slightly raised estate with Anna.

I’m not being rude, but deliberately running slow to hold the pace of your running partner is bloody hard work.

Nice selfie, mind.

Oh dear

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There was ambitions talk of watching some local boat racing.

But the boat racing was cancelled.


High winds around the Estuary Wilds.

I disappeared to the garden instead and FORKED my patch.


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A brief beer run, and then I did the predictable bicycle ride over to the gym.

I’ve found a little more energy over the past couple of days after the Christmas lurgy. I managed some half decent weights, and then forty lengths in the pool.

Guess who fell asleep in the spa?


I had a couple of mid-afternoon work shifts.

And then out went the shout of

“Let’s do a local pub crawl!”

Oh dear.

It was strictly half a pint in each pub, and then back at base by 8pm before all the silliness started.

NYE is for extroverts, Comrades.

We made it back home to watch a film that I am neither proud or ashamed to name.

And so I won’t.

It wasn’t pR0n btw.

Have a good one, Comrades.

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