I bloody LOVE New Year’s Day, me.

Maybe it’s because I bloody hate New Year’s Eve so much.

And so there we were, 10:30pm, tucked up in bed and falling asleep watching MOTD.

Which all means that it was a bright and fresh start to the first day of the year.

I knew things would work out this way. Which is why I picked up a CLEAR HEAD 9am work shift.

NYD Park Run, innit

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An hour and a half later and I was at the start line for the Colchester Castle Park NYD Park Run.

I was still a little ashamed of the sub 23 minute time for Saturday.

Some fitness activity over the past 48 hours meant that I was fighting fit for the first Park Run of 2018.

I BONKED it with another crap 22’53”.

Never underestimate the recovery period for the Christmas lurgy, Comrades.

It was a bloody good effort though for the many volunteer stewards who gave up their morning to help others.

Ta very much.

We had a few post-run social catch ups, and then went on to the Odeon. We were booked in to see the Last Jedi.

I’m rubbish at film reviews and so I won’t bother.

The spoiler free analysis is that it was around half an hour too long, but is still worth seeing.

SO many unsettled scores that need to be wrapped up as part of this Star Wars story arc.

We cycled under fading light on to the gym. Some light weights, a swim, and then some steam.

The NY gym sign ups have yet to arrive.

I had another work shift back at base.

And then Monday evening was all about the DARTS.


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