The 250th Colchester Park Run to start off Saturday morning.

Not my 250th, but the big birthday for the run itself.

The final #Colchester Park Run of the year

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I remember when I first heard that Park Run was coming to Castle Park. That won’t last, I thought.

My big city Brockwell mentality thought that little old Colchester might attract a dozen runners at best.

But WOH.

Castle Park is now bigger than the beauty of Brockwell.

THREAD below.

Saturday morning was another uninspiring effort from me.


Pah – almost two minutes off a PB.

I am still trying to shake off the Christmas lurgy. The water hurdles / puddles that appeared overnight around the park didn’t help.

Park Run completed, I then treated myself to a deluxe Turkish barber haircut.

You get what you pay for. This was the full treatment: every hair remaining on my head was given the attention it deserves; a hot towel followed, and then the fire in the ear thing.

I look sharp 🙂

@firstsitecolchester, innit

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I met up with Anna outside Firstsite. We had a brief look around the new exhibition.

I left feeling a little puzzled.

Art can be challenging.

We cycled on to the gym. It was bloody busy.

I put in a brief weights session, and then a lame 30 lengths.

Mid-afternoon and out went the shout of:

“To Wivenhoe Town FC!”

Oh Lordy.

#WTFC, innit #WeirdWiv

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The worse the Dragons become, the more addicted we find ourselves with our Broad Lanes trips.

This didn’t feel like a 6-0 game.

@wivenhoetown_fc 0 @ThetfordTownFC 6

4-0 would have been a fairer result – which is probably just as well, seeing as though we buggered off before the final two goals were conceded.

It wasn’t a protest exist. I had work shifts starting at 5pm.

A lively run of Saturday shifts followed.

And then darts.

LOVE the darts.

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