Christmas is *so* over.

That’s what Anna said as she did her S Ldn disappearing act at 7am on Wednesday.

Not for work – the girl is busy back on Dorset Road business.

I was left with Daisy and Dotty and a full on schedule of work shifts from 8am to 11pm.

Plus a little time in-between to play.

@RobertElms played Kirsty’s Days.

I had a bit of a *swoon* moment mid-morning.

I’ve been drinking far too much tea of late…

The Postman Delivers:

The Postman Delivers: #TwoStarsOnTheBadge #nffc

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But without the #TwoStarsOnTheBadge.

The cats had endless energy all day. I gave up cleaning up the paw prints all over the house after they laid them down for a second time.

Daisy and Dotty might be the solution to my OCD.

I had energy issues elsewhere.

I spent half an hour or so arseing around over a utilities switch. Mr Meerkat came back saying that the cheapest provider is… my current package.

Simples, etc.

Sweating the small stuff, as Daniel Cruz Tizon would say.

I started work on some major, major back ups of various work and play projects. WP Rollback is my nu fave WordPress plugin.

Why is Jetpack such an arse?

I started listening to the first of three All Winners from Gilles Peterson. 2017 has been a half decent year for new music.

Predictably darts dominated the evening viewing.

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