Town Hall Tapes #12

Part 1

Greenwich Leisure Ltd will get Carnegie Library rent free for four years as Lambeth Council finalises plans for book-ish gym

Inside Croydon

Cllr Jim Dickson

Lambeth Council refuses to listen to Carnegie Library concerns as basement cost doubles to over £1m

Greenwich Leisure Ltd

Culture 2020 consultation

Carnegie Community Trust

Friends of Carnegie Library

Part 2

Storm in a toilet bowl: Councillors row over £600,000 Plumstead café plan

Cllr Danny Thorpe

The Dear Leader

The Plumstead Party

Part 3

Facing the axe, police ‘front counter’ that cost £500,000 just two years ago

Save Streatham Police Station

Lambeth Labour petition to save Streatham Police Station not handed over to Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan

Sian Berry AM

Greenwich Council not objecting to Eltham police station closure



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