Christmas Eve work to pay for the presents that I still haven’t bought.

That’s not quite true – it’s a little complicated.

But the 9am shift didn’t witness the great Christmas rush.

Windows were cleaned mid-morning.

A Christmas Eve Sash Window Disaster was narrowly averted.


In Prune News:

I finally finished off the winter prune of the garden.


My tactic is to PRUNE anything that I don’t like the look of.

I braved the Coop mid-afternoon. I needed to stock up on Christmas milk and BOOZE.

Plans have been made to fall spectacularly off the wagon for the first time in two months tomorrow afternoon.

Oh dear.

Plus Christmas Day dinner was sourced.

MELT of the Year #WeirdWiv

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We both cycled off to the gym.

Anna wanted to do her gym thing; I wanted to arse around in the steam room and spa.

I realised that it’s been a whole week since I last did any exercise. Christmas colds can bugger off.

Disco Darryl and I knocked out a Christmas Eve Town Hall Tapes early evening.

There was no Christmas content in it.


Another random work shift, and then we settled down for the evening meal with Daniel Cruz Tizon.

We made it halfway through the bumper Christmas edition of Daniel Cruz Tizon is Available.

It put me in the mood for Christmas more than anything else in the past few weeks or so.

Speculative plans were made for the pub or even Midnight Mass.

But BALLS to that.

And so we watched a film instead.


It’s a bit… edgy.

Have a good one.

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