An early morning trying to release a lost wren out of the house.

Guess how the little fella came in?

OH HAI Madam Dotty.

Naughty Dotty.

I had my suspicions during the first cup of tea of the day. She was hunting around, trying to get underneath the washing machine.

A lone feather was retrieved.

Half an hour later and Anna reported a butterfly in the library.

That’s no butterfly, mid-winter, Madam.

After some comical attempts to carefully catch the winter wren, we simply opened the front door.

See ya.

The rest of Friday was more or less house bound on heavy duty work shifts. I’ve picked up loads of overtime over the Christmas period, knowing that other team members would be wanting time off.

I finally managed to publish all of the SE21 school content from Wednesday.

LOVE that school, but the combination of both Primary and Secondary always makes it a challenge to edit.

@RobertElms had a festive four-fer.

What Are We Gonna Get ‘Er Indoors? …put a luncheon smile on my face.

I managed to escape the house briefly. I headed down to the Post Office to pay some cheques in.

That’s as rock ‘n’ roll as it got I’m afraid.

Novara’s The Fix was decent viewing. I don’t agree with everything, but, YEAH.

Job’s a good ‘un.

Anna disappeared to pick up the Christmas veg box. I completed the new work client project that came in earlier in the week.

Guess what?


I’m hitting the Night Nurse tonight.

The plan is to neck it as soon as I hit publish, and then come up smiling on the other side in twelve hours time.

Chin chin.

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