#LateJunction on the Winter Solstice.

A wondrous occasion.

It inspired me to slap in an FOI before the 7am work shift started.

Happy Christmas.

A bit of Buzz action followed.

Some stories have fallen through, others leap out at you.

Greenwich Leisure Ltd will get Carnegie Library rent free for four years as Lambeth Council finalises plans for book-ish gym

Lambeth Council refuses to admit how many empty homes are on Cressingham Gardens estate

It’s been a real effort of late to stay on top of these. The only way to manage is to turn them around there and then, and then move on.

The Postman Delivers: another dot for the flat.

Alexa: deliver another dot. Oh dear

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Alexa: has the flat below forgotten to lock the bloody front door again?

The Postman Delivers: cat food. F-OFF cat food

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Plus some cat food.

Some F-OFF cat food.

Luncheon was spent in full on editing mode following the SE21 school day yesterday.

I was way behind with the work flow having spent most of the day watching two panto performances.

@RobertElms played the new KDL track.

They are classy kids – although not quite kids these days.

Late afternoon was spent on the Christmas housework routine. I used the time to catch up with some of my fave podcasts: Deserter, Reservoir Red Dogs and yep, Daniel Cruz Tizon.

I had a smile on my face as the Dyson went back and forth.

More evening work followed.

Anna returned from S Ldn.

Or was it the Lakes?

I keep on forgetting to ask tbh.

We both wound down with an evening of DARTS.

You don’t say.

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