A school day in SE21.


My usual timetable was out of sync. I has been asked to come in especially to capture the two panto performances taking place.

With Anna also Transpontine bound, this meant a hit and run day for me from the bloody Estuary Wilds.

It was an early start.



Daisy and Dotty – the reason for having to return later in the day – slept through most of my morning beauty routine.

The train journey in was uncomfortable. It was a new Greater Anglia carriage. This meant the full on day glow lights and a carriage temperature that felt like it was touching 30 degrees.

A damp bicycle ride on the Brompton followed all the way down to SE21.

I crossed at Ldn Bridge. The Shard was only visible in the fog from the bottom quarter down.

Overcast but still LOVELY #lidolove

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I stopped off briefly at Lake Brockwell, more in anticipation than for any sporting ambition.

The Icicles appeared to have long since cleared off.

And then the full on school day.

The final day of teaching ahead of the Christmas break is the second best day in the school year. Only the School’s Out for Summer occasion can beat it.

There was still some teaching taking place in the morning. For no particular reason I seemed to spend more time in Primary rather than Secondary.

Panto time was ACE.

It was a brilliant, brilliant SEN performance. You’ve not witnessed the full magic of panto until you have seen it signed with makaton.

The detail from the production was incredible. The touring company built many sensory props into the performance.

The Primary kids loved it in the morning; the Secondary students were singing and dancing away later in the afternoon.

I did a few Christmas fond wishes, and then cycled all the back up to LS and back to *over there.*

Oh dear, etc.

Some serious FaceTime with Anna followed in the evening.

The girl has been busy back at Dorset Road.

I think that’s all I can say right now…

You know the rest: Daisy and Dotty, DARTS etc.

But still BOOZE free.

It will be two months this Saturday since I last treated myself to a lager shandy.

Chin chin.

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