Another brief flirtation with an Ashes breakfast over the Bran Flakes.

Oh dear.

Sometimes I really do miss Bell End.

The work shifts didn’t kick in until 8am. I bashed out a Chronic story all about… Conservatives.


Cllr Laws Elected as New Leader of Colchester Tories

@RichardGallon’s festive playlist dropped mid-morning – always a highlight at this time of year. It is a reminder that quality new music is there for those who go seeking it.

I’m surprised that it took as long as 17 minutes before the first track by The Fall tbh.

A Buzz story followed.

Lambeth Council sets February ‘target’ for re-opening Carnegie library – three months ahead of local elections

The news list is building up once again. The week before the Christmas break is always busy in #localgov circles. Projects need to be crossed off.

I had a little more work, and then Gardening with Daniel Cruz Tizon.

Sadly this isn’t a new podcast venture for the Coffee Ponce of SW8, but my preferred choice of listening whilst I do all the digging.

The wisteria hack was finally finished off – probably for the last time. I still need to work on Anna to convince her that the roots deep down below are an accident waiting to happen.

I stuffed four green waste bags full of the green pickings from summers past. It was all very depressing.

The clear passage around the garden led to FORKING.

And so it begins…

I started to listen to the Lambeth Special Cabinet meeting about the £100m loan for the historic sex abuse cases.

It was pretty grim all round.

I had to bail out as we had an all company webinar early evening. I actually enjoy these. They make the isolation of the remote worker a little easier to overcome.

I did the veg box run down to the train station.

Brussel sprouts featured.

No shit.

A coin was tossed later in the evening: do I go to the final Wivenhoe Town Council meeting of the year, or stay in and watch the darts?

How about both?

I sat through a couple of hours of decent debate at the Council Office. Two hours later and I was back at base for some oche action.

Is Christmas over yet?


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