Another Ashes breakfast to start the weekend.

Oh dear.

I tried to cheer myself up by being reminded that Mitch Marsh will be strutting his stuff for Surrey next season.

But WOH.

That was painful viewing.

I made the strategic switch to Alexi Sayle over the Bran Flakes. I remembered that the Imaginary Sandwich Bar is about to drop off the back of the iPlayer.

All weekends should start with some Alexi Sayle.

The plan was to cycle over to Sunny Colch for the Castle Park Run.

It was bloody cold out there.

I found the motivation for the lovely lido back in South London a little easier to be honest.

But Park Run is Park Run; it’s what you do, innit.

I headed out along the Trail for the first time in a couple of weeks. It was still a slush bath, but one that was frozen over for now.

Muddy Banks, innit #WeirdWiv

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I greeted the pair of cormorants proudly sitting on their poles.

Cold weather can lead to some very odd behaviour.

I almost came a cropper down by the Hythe. This is the party / pisshead season. The path leading back on to the Colne Causeway was covered in glass.

Cheers, fellas.

A chilled #Colchester Park Run

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Castle Park was reached in good time. I listened to the pre-race briefing. A couple of tourists had flown in from Brisbane.


Um, welcome to Sunny Colch, possums.

I flinched a little further in the cold when it was declared that next week is fancy dress week for the Castle Park Run.

That aint gonna happen, Comrades.

The run itself was decent, if a little technical. This was no morning for PB’s. The icy tight turnarounds were a little challenging.

I clocked an official race time of 22’06” – 30 seconds off a PB.

I was a little surprised to see later in the day that I finished first in my age category.

Next up was the gym. I cycled back through the Hythe and along St Edward’s Quay.


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This led to a spectacular Tour de France style skid crash as I took a corner carefully, but still lost my grip on the sheet of black ice.

It wasn’t a dignified sight as cyclist and bike skidded along for around ten metres.

West Ham Wanker was holding court in the gents. He was giving a scientific presentation on the intricacies of his digestive system:

“I keep on eating, but it doesn’t come out.”

I made my excuses and headed off into an empty pool.

A little arseing around in the steam room followed. I had to be back at base for a luncheon work shift.

L******er Vs Palace was fun.

I did a few odd jobs around the garden, all with little enthusiasm. It does look quite depressing out there.

Man City Vs #lolspurs was more fun.

And then DARTS.

Always DARTS.

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