Thirteen days away from Lake Brockwell.

Oh dear.

Here we go.

I dithered and delayed my exit from the flat for as long as possible. This is the hard part. Once you are en route to the lovely lido then YOU WILL swim.

I knew that I was running behind schedule when I clocked Rupert Bear as far down as The Swan end of Stockwell Road.

Rupert is the rather splendidly dressed young fella with the red cords and the tweed jacket.

Rupert is probably a bloody Tory.

But he looks most magnificent, and alien to the Brixton surrounds.

I usually pass him by the Skate Park.

Like I said – I was running behind schedule.

It seems that I missed most of the big freeze at the lido. The water temperature was logged as 5.5 degrees – only half a point down from a fortnight ago.

The briefest of brief catch ups with @OneEyeGrey, and then I was away.

Oh bollocks #lidolove

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This feels alright.


The plan was four lengths. I felt like pushing on for six. I listened to my mind, and not my body.

I fell out of the pool, narrowly missing the duck poo by the side.


What a head-f – the lovely lido, and nor the duck poo.

Some fun in the gents with the Icicles, and then a cycle through Brixton for a school day in Sunny Stockwell.

There can be no better place to work.


I always come out grinning with all that has gone off.

It is a very, very special school.

First up was Choir practice.

I Wish It Could be Christmas Everyday put a great big smile upon my face, etc.

A Year 8 music lesson was up next. The students were asked to compare and contrast a couple of cover versions. It was like Cover to Cover with @RobertElms.

Up for consideration was Santa Clause is Coming to Town, Jackson 5 Vs BROOOOOCE.

Boy Y:

“Is Bruce Springsteen a rasta? He sounds like one.”


Luncheon was spent in the staff room commenting on the gorgeous food smell that one staff member was polishing off.

It was baby food.

Even odder.

I headed outside to take some snaps.

Boy Y’s best mate commented on my Junglist Massive hoodie:

“I’m more of a Sinatra fan myself.”


I entered a Year 11 science reproduction lesson by mistake towards the end of the day.


Such young minds, such maturity.

Sunny #Stockwell, innit

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I had a brief stop off back at the flat to pick up my Lidl loot.

And then began the task of the schlep back to the bloody Estuary Wilds.

Anna has already buggered off back to the Lakes by the time I got back. I was left running around after Daisy and Dotty.

Alexa starting flashing green later in the evening.

What’s this all about, Alexa?

It was Anna, up in the Lakes, calling via the Echo Dot that she had taken up there.


I picked up a late work shift to put an end to all of this Alexa nonsense.


Heads down, three weeks of total DARTS joy.

Love it.

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