Up at 4am for the Ashes.

Back to bed at 5am.

Except I couldn’t sleep until 6:30am, with work starting at 7am.

Oh dear.

I took my mind off the cricket crap by listening to… the latest Bandy and Shinty podcast.

There has always been sadistic streak running through my sporting teams of choice.

I cycled off to the gym.

The treadmill, weights and swim were decent; the bloody showers were cold.

A couple of SHRIEKING kids spoilt the tranquility that I seek during my morning routine.

I say kids – anyone between 25-35 is a kid for me these days.

And they didn’t shower.

And one of then cycled off on a kiddie style BMX.

Bloody kids.

The afternoon work shifts were steady.

I skim read a CBC Local Plan report.

912 Homes Built in Borough Last Year: Forecast to Rise

It’s a pin the tail on the donkey in coming up with the story.

SO many possibilities.

I’m sure the Cllr’s making the decisions feel the same…

The Christmas order with that nice Mr Sainsbury Online was booked late in the afternoon.

I went to checkout, and that nice Mr Sainsbury Online asked me about my favourites:

Two dozen cans of Stella.


The latest water bill dropped. I log these excessively since we switched to a metre.

I was expecting a hike on the same period twelve months ago. Daisy and Dotty do all their drinking straight from the tap.

It was only £10 higher – or a £77 saving on the same month period pre-metre.

I’ll drink to that.

A little more photo unarchiving took place early evening. I’ve just about finished with my first S Ldn period.

Here Be… #WeirdWiv.

Oh dear.

I didn’t let it get me down and switched to the Liverpool match instead.

Detectorists raised a smile, as ever.

I managed to blag a very late, late, late work shift to end the day.

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