Another morning, another Ashes breakfast.

We’ll be doing rather well if this lasts all the way through until Wednesday.

The early morning work was steady.

The annual buildings renewal for South Lambeth Road dropped.


A claim made during the summer – not in my name – has elevated the premium northwards.

I tried to haggle.

Mr Insurance was rather stuck in his ways.


I took out my frustration in shouting at Alexa.

Alexa: tell me a rude joke.

Alexa: you’re crap.

It’s not personal, luv.

Work pressed on.

Anna colonised the desk from the Raj / Colchester.

I was shunted upstairs.

I finally finished off the SW9 content from Friday.

Back in SE17 and one young student was celebrating.

I had to go back into my October 2016 photo archives to source an image. Sitting alongside it was photos of Daisy and Dotty as kittens.

What happened to Daisy?

She is a worry.

My Little, Big girl.

The Big Girl

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What happened to Dotty?

She is a worry.

Playing in the middle of the road is not recommended, dear.

The Other One

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I made a little headway early evening ploughing through the Lambeth Cabinet report pack for next week.

I’m convinced that there has to be a better way of presenting this information other than a 300+ page pdf.

Council Tax set to rise in Lambeth for third consecutive year as cost of historic child sex abuse allegations leads to funding gap

I gave up as the Birmingham Vs Wolves match kicked off.

Tomorrow is officially Tooth Day.

Root canal surgery here we come!


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