An indoor day trying not to let the dampness outside get me down.

December: meh.

I ditched Hootsuite. It has increasingly been a pain as a solution for Instagram posting via desktop.

After much arseing around I simply went for the bodge option of fooling Safari that I am posting in Developer mode from the Mac.

The modern interweb is far from enabling at times.

Ashes breakfast came to a premature close with the Aussie rain.

I tried to summon up the enthusiasm to edit and publish some school content. Bournemouth Vs Southampton held my attention as a distraction instead.

Ditto Man City Vs West Ham later in the afternoon.

Stuart Pearce.

Oh my.

Anna returned from her silly golf.

I disappeared to record Town Hall Tapes with Disco Darryl.

Our evening conversation centred around Dotty’s desire to play in the middle of the road and Daisy’s ongoing weight issue.

Cats are a worry.

My little Big girl

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The Other One

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