The first Ashes breakfast with the new BT Sport.

Back to bed then.

Oh dear.

But how about the brilliant Colchester Park Run to raise the spirits instead?

Anna and I went our separate ways. I cycled around the University, whilst Anna got caked in shit along the Trail.

The mucky pup.

Colchester Park Run, innit

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It was a cold and damp Castle Park awaiting us ahead of the 9am start.

I wasn’t pounding the paths specifically with a PB in mind. But I did feel strong throughout.

…unlike the poor chap who chundered his breakfast back up after the first km.

Steady the buffers, fella.

Some young kid with a giant foam glove was high fiving runners as they went past. I don’t usually go in for this fake enthusiasm.

But hey – he was an energetic young fella who deserved some encouragement.

I foolishly WHOOPED him as I went past and held out my hand.

The young kid blanked me.


The official race time was 21’30” – five seconds off a PB.


I had work later in the day and so we didn’t hang around in Sunny Colch.

A brief weights session in the gym, and then I had the whole pool to myself for a little splashing around.

The luncheon work was steady.

We had a toss up between Notts County Vs Oxford City, or the Chelsea Vs Newcastle match.

The big boys won.

We made the wrong decision.

Selections were then made for the Christmas Day dinner down the boozer.

I can’t be arsed with the festivities.

A little inroads were made with editing the school content from the past couple of days.

The BRILLIANT Estuary Wilds sun rays were proving too strong to resist though.

#WeirdWiv, innit

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We had enough light in the day for a brief ramble around Cockaynes Wood.

#WeirdWiv, innit

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The sunlight show was spectacular; I still find Cockaynes Wood a little meh tbh.

Back at base and the early evening was spent with the Arsenal Vs Man Utd Vs match, and then another run of work shifts to end Saturday.

Beauty and the Beast #FaveKitten

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