I really wasn’t looking forward to Friday morning. Truth be told and there wasn’t much #lidolove around.

I had a few tears before bed on Thursday; a lido cop out in the morning is a personal failure.

This cold water swimming lark would be a lot easier if I didn’t renew my membership each winter.

And so a night of tossing and turning – and not in a good way, either.

Sometimes you’ve just got to F-IT.

DO IT, Jase.

And so I cycled through Brixton and on to Lake Brockwell.

Some of the Icicles had already braved the blue waters and were now showering.

“It’s fine – you’ll LOVE it!”

This is a lido saying that seems to be repeated only post-swim.

It is shorthand for:

“FUCK. That was brutal. But I’ve done my bit. Now it’s your turn, fella.”

I did the usual jokes and conversation to try and take my mind off it.

I stripped off and started the walk of shame past the Lido Cafe.

@oneeyegrey was outside shampooing his short and curlies.


The bloody fool.

It takes something below five degrees for Mr @oneeyegrey to treat himself to the comfort of an indoor changing room.

We weren’t far off the tipping point on Friday morning.

A water temperature of six degrees was met with six lengths from me.

Oh dear

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It was fine – I LOVED it!

Yeah, right.

I came close to throwing up as I touched down for the final time. I’m not sure if it was because of the water temperature or my food intake the night before.

And so no personal failure for Friday, but I probably would have been better to stay under the duvet.

But y’know – life.

You’ve just got to get out there and do stuff.


I cycled back through Brixton and on to a school day in Sunny Stockwell. I soon thawed out as the school choir and Santa Clause is Coming to Town during the morning assembly.

Most of the morning was taken up with an impressive careers workshop for the Year 11 students. The school is gaining something of a reputation for delivering post-education options. It is most well deserved.

Boy Y gave me a few pick up skills during morning play.

Boy Y is becoming something of a player.

I had a mild tech meltdown over luncheon. I managed to delete the 2,000+ words from SE17 that I had hacked out the day before.

Hurrah for Dropbox undos.

The rest of the school day was spent running around each classroom and trying to gather as much content as possible.

I do enjoy working in a school in my home patch. I looked out of the staff room window and saw the same Sunny Stockwell landmarks that I have been familiar with for the past two decades.

And then the Shard.

Always the Shard.

The plan was to stay in S Ldn for the weekend. But a change of plan led to a bicycle ride back to LS, and back to *over there.*

Oh dear, etc.

Anna, Daisy and Dotty made up for the location let down.

Villa Vs Dirty Leeds kept us all entertained in the evening.

I’ve got an indoor swim in the morning.


It’s a bit stuffy.

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