A frustrating day of distractions.

It began with Dotty being chased down the side passage at 6am by a BEAST of a bully cat.

The territorial cat cry for help is a distressing sound. All dignity was lost as I headed outside in my PJ’s.

Dotty was a little withdrawn. She dragged Daisy in, who I think was oblivious to it all.

Cats are a worry.

Daisy and Dotty are becoming a full time worry for me of late 🙁

I had a brief read of some online feeds over the Bran Flakes.

Buzz and Chronic pieces from the night before were both scheduled for early morning publication. My online read led to a few hasty edits and corrections.


Lambeth Council set to pay a London Living Wage for out-sourced cleaning staff

198 Art Gallery launches £25,000 crowd funder to open up arts opportunities for young people

Vineyard Gate Back on Agenda at CBC Full Council

The train journey into LS was quite spectacular.

PONCE #ponce #TrainPonce #CravatPonce

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I will *whisper* this: the bloody Essex countryside looked beautiful in the brilliant winter sunshine.

I won’t repeat myself.

It was a bitterly cold bicycle ride over Ldn Bridge and down to SE17.

The school Christmas tree was standing, awaiting to be laden with decorations.

My own school day had a few personal problems.

I was wearing one of the posho corporate new shirts. My over-excitable bicycle ride in led to a slight damp patch underneath one of the arms.


Only *one* of the arms as well.

I couldn’t shake it off all morning.

The more I was aware of it, the more it seemed to linger.

I do LOVE it in the school Nursery, but it was a little awkward joining in with some of the stretching exercises.

I got my head down – and my arms – and pressed on with the day.

These school days are tiring me out.

Oh woe is me, etc.

The full time staff are bloody fantastic.

But I can feel my body suffering in a way that it didn’t a decade ago.

I stopped off on the way back to the flat to see Bob – he of Bob’s Bikes.

The poor fella admitted that he had been too cold to even attempt a service of my Moulton outside.

It can wait for another day.

I arrived back in Sunny Stockwell and pretty much zoned out on hot tea and central heating.

How we got through four winters in the flat without any heating is something of an oddity.


The rest of Thursday evening was spent editing school content, and considering if I can face the lovely lido in the morning.

It’s not looking good…

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