A stay indoors day working across various projects.

Unless I have the choice of a lovely lido dip first thing, winter is a time of hibernation for me.

The on / off/ on saga of the translation tool for one of the school websites is back ON.

Having argued the case with the techies above me that it is no security threat, I was given the green light to flick the switch first thing.


A run of work shifts then started.

Our team is experimenting with some different structures and timing for Big Client #1. It’s all about spreading the workload. It’s working out rather well.

I pondered for all of five seconds a University unit from back in the day: The Division of Labour.

I learnt bugger all about the real world in my three years of reading irrelevant books.

Just to prove the point, my annual Southwark pension statement dropped mid-morning.

I’m going to let Anna down gently: the early retirement plans won’t be happening over the next few months.

Work came to a close. Some Chronic and Buzz planning took over.

I probably read ten times more than I write.

I would love for this equation to be reversed.

Everton Vs West Ham caught my interest for most of the evening.

Plus some witness the fitness cat time.

The Lard Arse one is trying with her running around. She gets easily bored though and resorts to food.

I know how she feels.

Oh yeah – I’ve been DRUG FREE all day for the first time in a week.


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