A routine Monday, a dull Monday.

Early morning work, and then I finally had the inspiration to cycle off for a swim.

Forty average lengths were put in.

I swam alongside The Undertaker.

More work.

And then the tax return.

Oh Lordy.

I wasn’t expecting that.

Instructions were given to my bank to increase my monthly transfer out into the tax savings account.

I tired to distract myself with some photo unarchiving. I came across some lido snow pictures from April 2008.

Sometimes it Snows in April, etc.

Anna and I had a verbal fight over Alexa.

She loaded up some Stone Roses crap.

Alexa: STOP.

I used my phone to retaliate from upstairs with Feargal Sharkey.

Oh we do have fun during these his ‘n’ hers work at home days.

Anna disappeared to collect the veg box.

Mr @bennisonfarm delivers: winter supplies

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I had some late work, and then the second half of the QPR Vs Brentford match.


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