SIX layers of clothing for the Sunday morning Wifey Weekend Roll Out.

I’m not counting undies, either.


It was bloody cold out there at 8am.


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We had Wrabness and A House for Essex in our sights, following the Grayson Perry exhibition at Firstsite.

The Life of Julie Cope Comes Home to Colchester

It’s a route that we’ve cycled many times. Each of these seems to be characterised by BIG Essex skies and sunshine, but varying temperatures.

I kept my head down for most of the ride, ‘leading’ Anna and following the instructions being barked from behind.

We both clocked the very odd image outside of Mistely of ten green water butts, all lined up against the wall.

We were riding at a fair pace and so couldn’t take it all in.

Given that it took us six months to fit a water butt back in Sunny Stockwell, this was a most impressive sight.

A little chilled out along the lanes this morning. Chapeau!

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We reached Wrabness, and then… turned around and buggered off back to base.

Not quite, but it wasn’t the type of morning where you wanted to strip off and sunbathe along the banks of the Stour.

Homemade biscuits were eaten for some extra energy.

Oh #Wrabness

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We wandered down to see A House for Essex, the architectural iconic structure in memory of Julie Cope.

The lights were on, but I don’t think that anyone was at home.

Audio was recorded.

The return bicycle ride was characterised by a bloody strong head wind.

Anna volunteered me to lead once again.

Cheers, luv.

We passed a magnificent space frame Moulton close to home.

Chapeau, Sir!

We were back at base by midday.

Mr eBay informed me that I had won the bidding on a pair of track cycling shoes.

I’ve no idea how I got them with my starting bid.

I suspect they may be child size.

The garden was given a good seeing to with Daniel Cruz Tizon on the headphones.

I reckon we are one more stormy night before all the wisteria leaves are finally grounded.

BLOW, you blowly thing.

#WeirdWiv, innit

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We headed out on a brief Quayside walk whilst waiting for some homemade soup to come to simmer off.

Soup gone wrong, innit

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Mr Postman (actually, Mr Amazon Prime) Delivers Late in the Day:

The Postman Delivers: an Amazon Dash. Blimey.

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The Postman Delivers: a Dot for the flat. Goodo

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The Postman Delivers: laser exercise thingy for a slightly lard arse cat

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Huddersfield Vs Man City was entertaining.

An early evening work shift less so.

I started the process of my monthly back ups of all my data and work content.

I messed up BIG time last month.

A better system is needed.

Sunday evening was spent with more iPlayer catch up time.

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