The first frost and a flyover from the local Canada Geese squad to start off Saturday.

I opened the back door for Daisy and Dotty to do their early morning explorations. The perfect V-formation from the feathery things greeted sunlight.

Attention then turned to cricket.

I wake up now with some nerves, never knowing quite what to expect from an Ashes breakfast.

Daisy and Dotty returned. Anna put them through their paces with one of the old toys belonging to the mad cat that I had boxed away.

The coldness of the morning disguised my emotions.

No such time for sentiment.

My 100th Park Run was waiting.



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It was a crisp bicycle ride into Sunny Colch along the Trail.

I felt no shame in declaring my milestone when Mr Race Director asked if anyone was celebrating an achievement.

Colchester Park Run, innit

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It feels like I have been pounding the parks of Brockwell, Dulwich, Colchester, Rushcliffe and Sherringham for more than two years.

But the Park Run official stats don’t lie.

Not much.

I put in a pacy performance under the backdrop of a crisp Castle Park.

Even Mr Postie was feeling the cold. His usual race uniform of Postie shorts and shirt had been upgraded to a Royal Mail fleece.

I knew that I wouldn’t clock a PB. The official race time of 21’35” was ten seconds off a Castle Park best though.

Happy with that.

DRUGS needed to be scored.

From Poundland.


In DruQs News: More DruQs #DruQs

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I’m pulling myself off the Paracetamols. The penicillin seems to be taking away the pain from my tooth.

Just wait until the root canal surgery starts…


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Colchester was looking half decent in the Essex sun. I snapped away a few random pics for The Chronic.

We ended up at Firstsite. The Golden Goose has come a long way in recent months. Attracting a Perry Grayson exhibition is pretty special.

OH HAI @firstsitecolchester

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The Life of Julie Cope was pitched perfectly. It had very local connections and didn’t take up too much of your time.

@firstsitecolchester, innit. ACE

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Art Critic Anna rather enjoyed it.

We cycled on to the salvage yard at the Hythe. We’re still trying to source / agree on a desk chair for back in the flat.

The agreement part of this equation is proving to be problematic.

What’s up Doc?

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We stopped off at the pool for a mid-morning burst of activity. The gym was routine, the pool was tepid, the showers were shit.

I can only imagine what type of reaction the Coffee Ponce of SW8 would have if he had to experience the absolute filth of the gents.

Down by the Muddy Banks #WeirdWiv

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Anna beat me back to base.

I fired up my Alexa app from outside the front door, and then blasted out some CHOONS to give her a wake up call.

Alexa: STFU.

We watched the second half of the Barnsley Vs Leeds match, and then went our separate ways.

Anna did the silly golf thing. I cycled up to Broad Lane for more Wivenhoe Town FC action.

I had offered a spread bet with Anna before leaving. I was keen on buying up anything between an 8-0 and 12-0 home defeat.

WTFC, innit #WeirdWiv

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The final score of 4-2 to Godmanchester Rovers was actually rather decent, given the recent run of form for the Dragons.

More football back at base with Sheff Utd Vs Birmingham.

We then has a bit of an iPlayer catch up time: Punk Britannia, the Sex Pistols 1977 Christmas Party and a couple of episodes of Dectectorists.

Daisy was as an absolute darling in sitting on my lap throughout.

A rarity.

A late, late work shift saw off Saturday.

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