A day where it felt like daylight never really got going.

An 8am work shift, and then the bicycle ride over to the gym.

I’m still taking the University route. The Trail remains a mud bath, even for my winter MTB.


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A faint glow of the sun tried to add some shadows to the boats down by the Muddy Banks.

Illumination was non-existent all day.

The swim was ACE, the changing rooms were rank.

There have been some cleaner issues of late. Friday morning was on par with the Brixton Rec mess from back in the day.

You mucky pups.

Back at base and it was a him ‘n’ hers working from home day.

Alexa joined us as well.

I’ve listened to more music in the past 48 hours than I have in the past month. It is the ease of being able to activate random tracks with your voice that is doing it for me.

A bit of Bark Psychosis?

Blimey – where did that come from?

Anna meanwhile went FULL AMAZON.

She spunked out for a Dot for the flat, and then a Dash – which I don’t quite understand – for work purposes.

I have been told NOT to press the button that is about to be installed by the fridge door.


I was a little more reserved in buying licences for CleanMyMac late in the working day.

Work rules are: your machine, your maintenance.

Both the MacBook Air and the iMac were both due for an upgrade many months ago. I’m hoping to buy a little extra time by having all the clutter cleaned up each week.

Twenty five gigs of crap came off the MacBook Air alone.


A quick reboot and it was running like a new machine.

Now let’s see how long I can keep life support on the old girl going for.

I did a little photo unarchiving early evening. I came across some wedding photography jobs from 2008.

I was a rubbish wedding photographer 🙁

We watched the West Ham Vs L******er match to finish off Friday.

And then to bed early.

It’s my 100th Park Run in the morning.


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