A departing Anna and a daredevil Dotty to start Tuesday.

Anna did her S Ldn disappearing act at 7am; Dotty ran out from the other side of the road 🙁

Dotty is a worry. I told her to stay clear of cars as we both tucked into our breakfasts.

Daisy wanted in on the food action as well.

I told her that she is a lard arse.

Harsh, but it’s becoming true.

Cats are a worry.

I’m not worried, but I am becoming increasingly forgetful.

Not over major life issues, but the nuts and bolts that should hold your day together.

I arrived at the gym and made a move to lock up my bicycle.

Wot No Bicycle Lock?

Oh dear.

I am a man of routines. They exist to carry me through. When the routines break down then I know that I am a little lost.

I had a half decent conversation with West Ham Wanker about Stuart Pearce in the gents. For some reason this led me to focussing on West Ham Wanker’s thighs as he rubbed himself down.


I do miss the Trent End days.

Some fella in the gym was working out wearing a pair of flairs. Not the Stone Roses flappy denny variety, but some trackies that had a big bell bottom.

Maybe he was trying to disguise his lack of Stuart Pearce tree trunk thighs?

Forty lengths in the pool followed. I wasn’t up for it to be honest.

I arrived back at base to find Daisy placing her mucky paws all over my freshly cleaned windows.

A little work, a lot of South Lambeth Road admin.

I’ve had the runaround trying to organise repairs to the gutter and the drain. Coordinating four flat owners, competing quotes from traders and access to the rear of the property via the tenant in the basement is proving to be a right arse.

I’ve just about managed to arrange it all for next week.

Daniel Cruz Tizon kept me company over the luncheon work. I raised a smile over his comments from his millennial work colleagues with the realisation that David Cruz Tizon is dead.

I had to poke around in the SW9 school archive a little later. It is the grand opening of the new school building in the morning. Some video clips that I shot on the first day of teaching were required.

The Forest nostalgia continued.

The Postman Delivers:

Bandy and Shinty.

The Postman Delivers: @bandyshinty. Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL? #nffc #TwoStarsOnTheBadge

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The idea is that you savour the reading experience and pace each essay ahead of the appearance of the next quarterly publication.

I’m two thirds into the Robbo issue already.

The Postman Also Delivers:

The Postman Delivers: piss off Siri. There’s a new girl in town #shiny

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She’s already getting on my tits tbh.

I did have some fun though installing the Meow Meow skill, and then confusing Daisy and Dotty.

Tomorrow’s World never predicted this.

I started work on the new online project that I bought the domain name for earlier in the week. The plan was to whack up the website whilst watching the England Vs Brazil match.

I’ve got one slider sorted, and that’s your lot so far.

This needs to be finished before I bugger off back to S Ldn on Thursday.

Anna had some fun with Alexa over FaceTime. It was a bit weird to hear her controlling the new lady of the house via South Lambeth Road.

We worked out that Anna now had access to my personal Google Cal.


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