Scaffolding and online storage issues to start the working week.

Oh joy.

We’ve had a decent quote for the gutters at South Lambeth Road. The only downside is that bloody scaffolding is required.


Meanwhile my library only iMac decided to tell me at a fairly critical time that it was pretty much bursting to the max.

Double arse.

I resolved a few weeks ago to replace it as some stage with a budget PC with a STONKING hard drive of storage. I only use this machine as a library for my CHOONS and images.

Solace was sought at the gym.

I took out my frustrations with a bloody decent treadmill session.

I’ve had the same workout since back in the Brixton Rec early 90s days: 10 minutes at 10kmh with a 5% incline, three minutes on 13kmh reduced to a 3% incline, and then finally a mad two minute 15kmh sprint.

I still felt good after the first minute of the sprint. I pushed it to 16kmh.

And then I fell over.

Only joking.

I was standing around a fair bit though for the weights. The traditional gym buddy twosome had been replaced by a threesome on Monday morning.

Two fellas and a girl were doing their sets simultaneously.

Gym buddies is a polite way of saying selfish machine hogs.

I was determined to get my full sets in. This meant that I was running a little late for the work shift back at base.

I cycled back in 17 minutes flat. The same route took 25 minutes on Sunday.


Some stop / start work; some window cleaning.

It wasn’t very successful. Luke warm water leaves your windows looking a little cloudy around the edges.

Some more stop / start work; some silly gardening as darkness descended.

I say gardening – it was more like trying rake up as many leaves as possible on the lawn. Cat shit featured around the borders.

Thankfully I had my gardening gloves on.

Anna disappeared to pick up the veg bag.

Mr @bennisonfarm delivers: TASTY

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I listened to BBC Nottingham and Match Talk.

I’ve been googling Forest retro Kits with a little too much enthusiasm of late.

The scaffolding issue became a long ladder possibility late in the day. It also shaved a considerable chunk of the gutter budget.

A new domain name was bought early evening. I did the famous WordPress five minute installation in… 25 minutes – my best yet.

I now need some content to fill the new site with.


Why do I always agree to these things?

Cat on a chair

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