An abandoned bicycle ride early on Sunday morning.

I took one look at the weather outside and thought: f-that.

Dito Anna with her silly golf.

And so we both had a day indoors instead.

I was thrust into housework; Anna had a steady hand on house admin.

ALL housework should be undertaken wearing a pair of cycling tights, a thermal top and a pair of headphones playing catch up with the Daniel Cruz Tizon podcasts.

Or is that just me?

I was still able to hear a piercing cat cry from outside.

The BASTARD bully from the other end of the garden has been terrorising Daisy once again.

She takes cover underneath the canoes with her bushy tail poking out. It is a very distressing experience all round 🙁

Housework and admin crap was finished late afternoon. We cycled off to the gym with enough of the fading Estuary Wilds light available.

We swerved the mud on Trail, taking the University route instead. It was bloody blustery out there.

I did the weights GRUNT thing; Anna pounded the treadmill.

We played a game of poker face plank as we both crouched next to each other, seeing who would give way first.

A rare swim in darkness followed. We’ve not been in the pool in darkness for sometime. It may be a converted gas showroom on an Essex industrial estate, but it looked quite magical.

Some glorious spa and steam time finished off the session.

We arrived back at base to catch the second half of the NI match.

And then darts.


Chin chin.

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