#LateJunction and some CRAZY Italian anarcho tunes to kickstart Friday.

Sparkle in Grey and Grey White raised a smile.

I’m not entirely sure that it was suppose to raise a smile.

Work was incredibly quiet first thing.

The continued saga of trying to fix the South Lambeth Road guttering continued. We’re getting there…

I also had Dorset Road ‘things’ to resolve back in SW8.

Anna is very good at haggling.

We’re not quite getting there with Dorset Road, but give us a few months.

Most of the morning was spent ducking in and out of shifts, plus tinkering with TablePress for the SE21 school site.

It’s been pretty much my story for the past week tbh. An impending visit from that nice Mr Ofsted means that plans have to be put in place.

It’s all about covering all bases, Comrades.

I’ve no idea why but I was on a bit of an early 80s electro mission for most of the morning.

The Human League had me singing along very loudly to Daisy and Dotty.

Mirror Man is WONKY.

You can’t underestimate what a major release this was at the time. Everyone was expectant after Dare.

What did smiling Phil and the girls come up with?


I rather like it. I’ve got a 7″ picture disc somewhere in the loft.

I switched to Robert Elms before luncheon. August Darnell was on the four-fer.

You see if I was in your blood, then you wouldn’t be so ugly…

I spent a little time fishing out some details for a future Buzz piece with some FOI’s. Lambeth is definitely swerving these of late.

Ooohhhhh #WeirdWiv

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Luncheon also saw the ride along the Trail for a swim.

It was a hellish head wind going in, but I was blown back to base for the return ride.

West Ham Wanker was holding court in the gents. He’s trying to organise a ‘Gentleman’s trip to Amsterdam’ in the New Year.

I’m on hair wash duty.

New hand towel for post-bicycle ride #FaveKitten

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Speaking of which – Daisy served as the perfect hand towel when I arrived home rather hot and sweaty.

Cheers, luv.

Work shifts pressed on; more SE21 data dropped for formatting and publishing.

I disappeared out towards Alresford with enough light left in the sky. On my radar was the farm shop; on my shopping list was the banana bits for my Bran Flakes.

They were out of them.


In Farm Shop News: #RuralShit

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I did manage to pick up a big bag of frozen DIY croissants.

I skim read a CBC Cabinet piece, and then made up a Chronic hit and miss blog post.

Council Tax Set to Rise as CBC Looks to Balance Books

Tell It Like It Is, etc.

Friday evening saw the slump of the England Vs Germany game and BOOZE.

It’s been a bit of a busy old week.


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