The 7am work shift, and then a chilled ride along the Trail en route to the pool.


My head hurt.

And not through booze either.

I’m warm blooded. I prefer the shivers to over-heating.

But the ride in was a little harsh. I blame the lack of hair to keep me insulated.

Back to the Muddy Banks, innit

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It was a little weird outside the gym.

A female rider rolled up by the bicycle rack at the same time as me. She was riding a half decent hybrid.

She left it by the Sheffield lock, and then… walked off.

Wot No Lock?

Brave, Madam.

My swim was decent. Forty powers lengths with little pause for breath.

The ride back to base was a little hairy. A certain section along the Trail is becoming a fave hangout for the local squirrel population.

One of the little fellas thought it would be good fun to see if he could dive through my front spokes as I was in full flow.

It could have been very messy for both of us. The bushy tailed fella pulled out at the final moment.


I had more fury friend issues back at base.

Work was a little demanding. Daisy decided to climb on my keyboard and activate Siri.

The Monkey / Shakespeare observation is true of cats.

Siri hadn’t a Scooby what Daisy was asking.

To be fair, Siri struggles with most of my questions.

@RobertElms inducted Electric Avenue into the Ldn Playlist.

About time.

It’s never been a favourite of mine, but it’s all about people, places, parties, innit.

You don’t want to get me started.

Daisy gave up on the keyboard. She delivered an autumnal fly, struggling to find any energy to escape her playful paws.

Cheers, Daisy.

I ordered Lesley Ann Jones’ Hero from the local library at luncheon. Three clicks of the mouse and it was on its way.

It might have been even easier to open the office window and shout out to the library staff at the other end of the garden.

More work, more podcast catching up.

Bandy and Shinty is becoming something of a must read, must listen for Forest fans.

I never thought that the glory days of Brian, the Tricky Tree and Forest Forever would return.

They probably won’t, but it’s ACE to see a DIY ethos still coming out of Trent side.

The rest of the afternoon and early evening was then taken up with a major Ofsted ready spring clean of the SE21 school site.

We had a lengthy discussion on Monday about some changes. I spent the best part of four hours putting these in place.

The Estuary Wilds sun started to set and the birdie things started to sing; the cats slept next to me as I worked.

I’m growing to appreciate this late afternoon period of the day.

I’m NOT becoming a bloody hippie btw.

Never trust a hippie.

I downed work tools as TOTP was starting on BBC4.

The Human League, Billy Ocean and Madonna’s Like a Virgin.

And so it begins.

That girl is in for a fun ride over the next decade or so.

I was pleased to be able to get my Shaky dance in.

The NI Vs Switzerland match kept me occupied for the rest of the evening.

Along with some BOOZE.

Chin chin.

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