Another wonky Wednesday for work schedules and shifts.

No time for a swim, but just enough for a mad dash pounding the mean streets of CO7.

You see some strange sights at 7am around the lanes of the Estuary Wilds.

The local Col U Badge Man was out and about. I’ve no idea about his back story, but all football Badge Men fascinate me.

The Col U Badge Man is of an exemplary high standard: denim jacket, the back completely covered with badges; occasionally a couple of scarves are tied around his wrists.


It distracted me on the run. I wasn’t on for a fast run per se, but I had an 8am work shift starting and so had to get a shifty on.

I started my sprint finish with about 3km remaining.

Oh dear.

To my surprise I kept the pace.

Strava told me that the route had taken 38’30” – a full 42 seconds off my previous PB for the CO7 street pounder.


Work was steady and of the stop / start variety.

I made contact with my Roof Man back in S Ldn. We’ve got a few gutter issues. They are rather high up gutter issues. My Roof Man is going to have a shifty.

#LateJunction was a little left of centre – even for the Reds Under the Bed usual Late Junction outlook:

100 Years of Russian Experimentalism.


I prefer the Streatham Rovers revisionism tbh.


@RobertElms had a cracker of a show.

The piece on the photography of Free Frestonia was my type of anarchic social history. The story came full circle with tales of how some citizens of the Republic are still in place, still fighting for their homes.

It was fitting that yer man Bob then played Debris – a strong contender of late to displace Waterloo Sunset as my personal Ldn anthem.

Gilles Peterson’s All Winners carried me through the afternoon shifts

Much of the work was taken up with policies about policies.

Endless Evernote notes were logged.

I felt proper cold as the Estuary Wilds sun began to set far too early for my liking. Wednesday seemed like the first proper day of the hibernation season.

See you on the other side, Comrades.

Daisy and Dotty were feeling it too. I’m too much of a tight arse penny pincher to put the heating on until we have the first snowfall of the season.

I did give them some piles of my dirty linen clothes to bed down with.

Energy levels were low for the remaining work. I gave Rene La Vice a spin with the new 1Xtra Drum and Bass show.

I have no idea who Mr La Vice is.

Bloody LOVE his choons though.

I finally managed to edit and publish the SE21 site content from Monday. Next up is some serious behind the scenes tinkering ahead of a possible visit from that nice Mr Ofsted.

I picked up a late, late work shift.

The new Bragg mini album was downloaded to keep me company.

Oh yeah – Detecorists is back.


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