Skype issues on the 7am shift.


My window to the outside world had been shut.

I’m not sure how but I have managed to workaround a very old version of Skype for the past three years. An update was forced on me as I fired it up just before 7am.

Woh – what’s this?

emojis as an option?

The cool kids at work delegate work tasks via emojis. I can now join in with the dancing penguin fun.

I have no idea what any of it means.

Daybreak delivered my first view of the garden in almost a week. It’s been quite a transformation. What remains of the wisteria leaves now have a Ready Break golden halo.

This all led to the Roses’ Daybreak being lodged in my head all day.

I’ve had worse options.

Some work policies for SE17 dropped. My nu fave WP plugin is tablepress. I had a bit of fun tarting up some school related data.

The chore of changing the sheets became impossible. Daisy decided to sleep mid-morning right inside the duvet and underneath the cover.

I didn’t like to disturb her.

The Postman Delivers: Knitwear.

The Postman Delivers: Knitwear. RIBBED knitwear. Oh Lordy #KNITWEAR

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Oh Lordy.

Plus a selection of rather colourful socks.

The Postman Also Delivers: Socks #SOCKS

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I managed to squeeze in a short swim over luncheon.

The aqua aerobic ladies were joined by a couple of over enthusiastic Essex boys in the adjacent lane.

The usual whirlpool from the aqua aerobic ladies became something of a tidal pool.

I had a clear the air session with an ex-local Cllr early afternoon. Some of our Buzz stories have been creating a bit of a stir. It was decent to get some more details from the inside.

Any optimism was soon drained with yet another lambeth FOI cop out.

Cheers, fellas.

Washing was washed; washing was hung out to dry on the line – in early November.


More work, and then I caught up with Disco Darryl late in the afternoon. We recorded a one take wonder of Town Hall Tapes.

The task of editing the SE21 school content from yesterday took up most of the evening. I’m still BALLS DEEP in words, images and videos. Publishing it is now becoming something of full on work day in itself.

I listened to the Pomnishambles Ashes programme on 5Live. It was bloody brilliant – well worth a couple of hours of your podcast time.

Dotty delivered yet another mouse before bedtime.

It might have been a rat.

Refuge was taken underneath the washing machine. I couldn’t be arsed to try and rescue it.

Dotty managed to get her claws in. She went for a little walk with her new friend back outside once again.

I suspect that her new friend didn’t get the chance to walk back.

lol bloody cats, etc.

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