Boiler issues to start the new working week.


It wasn’t as bad as that.

The boiler needed topping up with some air. It’s a procedure that should take all of two minutes. I cut my losses after fifteen.

The new kitchen at the flat has sealed the boiler in a unit. My Carpenter chap carefully constructed a cabinet around the boiler.

He told us that should we ever need to top up, then taking it apart should be simple.

It wasn’t.

Oh the HILARITY in having different size screws fitted, just for shit and giggles, like.

I did the hard part in taking it apart; Ileft the topping up for Anna later in the week.

I had lengths to put in and lido high japes to play.

I was delayed a little longer in Brixton by Keef, the BEST window cleaner in S Ldn – that is if you ever can be ‘delayed’ by Keef, the BEST window cleaner in S Ldn.

I haven’t seen him since the Dorset Road days back in 2010. I do miss our monthly gossips over a mug of steaming tea.

Keef seemed in good heath. We may have a need for him to return to Dorset Road in the new year…

I didn’t like to broach the subject with him of magnetic window cleaners, the disruptor of the window cleaning trade.

Lake Brockwell was bloody beautiful.

Lake Brockwell is bloody beautiful every morning, Comrades.

Brockwell Blue to start the week #lidolove

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But something was pitch perfect for the start of the week.

The sun trap of the art deco walls illuminated the pool from one end to the other. The water is hovering above ten degrees – the ideal swimming temperature for my over-heated body.

And the company was pretty cool as well.

I only had time for ten lengths.

But WHAT a ten lengths.

I fell out of the water with a slight wobble. I was punch drunk on cold water swimming.


I managed to compose myself for the short bicycle ride up towards SE21 and a full, full on school day.

Most school days are full on now. But SE21 is just… WOH.

I made a determined effort to find my way around every year group.

A lengthy discussion with the school management team mid-morning set me back a little behind my schedule. But it was all good stuff with some very supportive ideas.

I came a cropper in Y11 maths.

Um, Miss?

We were looking at past GCSE exam papers. The hypothetical question was talking about how many apps Joe has in relation to Jenny.

I thought apps was shorthand for apples.

Apps are apps, natch.

Seventeen classes, 289 photos, four videos and a quality piece of audio – it was then time to depart.

All the way back to LS and back to *over there.*

Oh dear.

Do I really have to do this?

The only compensation at the other end of the line was Anna, Daisy and Dotty.

And a dead mouse that Dotty dragged in for me.

Mr @bennisonfarm delivers: Oooohhhhh

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We did the Monday night veg box run thing. This then disappeared into the mother of all curries.

Monday evening was spent on various online admin catch ups.

I dived into David Rawlings’ Poor David’s Almanack. The richness of the vocals with Gillian Welch are a warming sensation.

iTunes then threw up some Dickie Thommo, we seemed about right.

I tried to tempt Anna with some eBay Captain’s Chairs that we are in the market for.

She wasn’t shifting.

Or even sitting.

Hey hoe.

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