A day of domestics.

But first a swim.

It was a BEAUTIFUL Brockwell Blue Sky day.

This is why we swim #lidolove

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We have reached the stage in the season where the swimmer numbers have dropped to the hardcore.


Don’t tell those nice Brockwell Lido User folks. They’ll only go and add HEATING THE LIDO to the next AGM agenda…

But yeah – it was pretty much bliss in there. Plenty of room in the lanes, and even more back in the gents.

STUNNING #lidolove

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I informed Mr Mutley that Facebook had removed my penis.

He knew instantly what I was talking about.

Fave Coley from NPSG yesterday #Vauxhall

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Lido folk are kinda cool.

Sadly I didn’t have any extra time to sit in the S Ldn sun trap. I had a random work shift back at base.

And then the bloody domestics kicked in.

First up was the South Lambeth Road lavender garden. We still need to keep on top of this every couple of weeks or so.

The loveliness of a lavender garden is somewhat spoilt by a collection of used condoms.


THICK industrial gardening gloves were worn.

Next up was the window clean. The magnetic window cleaner is working a treat.

The trick is to take it nice and steady, unless you want a falling cleaner from three floors up.

And finally housework.

We’ve just about finished the flat renovation, furniture et al.

Cleaning a flat with furniture takes twice as long as a half empty flat.

No shit.

I hooked up with Disco Darryl early evening. We attempted to record a Town Hall Tapes podcast.

Tech issues prevented us.

Disclaimer: Disco Darry was in the pub.

I finally managed to finish off editing the SW9 school content from Friday.


I managed to source all of the archive images needed for the *special* school event coming up in a couple of weeks.

Once again the mad cat kept on cropping up in my photo archive timeline 🙁

And then I bought another Moulton by mistake.

Oh dear.

Truth be told and I wanted the bags, and not the bicycle.

That’s what I told Anna, anyway.

I managed to pick up a late, late work shift to finish the weekend.

Gotta pay for the Bike LOVE.


Sunny #Stockwell Skies #SW8

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