Back to the beauty of Brockwell on Friday morning for the first lido splashdown in almost a fortnight.


The park itself was preparing for #lambethfireworks – which isn’t actually anything to do with Lambeth Council this year.

The KEEP OUT OIKS fences are a sorry site to see in a public park. Expect more of these over the coming years.

Lambeth Council plans new management of Brockwell Park ahead of “planned increased activity”

The swim itself was superb.

12.6 Friday #lidolove

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Friday saw the first fitting of the flip flops for the winter season. Never underestimate the extra layer of warmth you can gain as you stroll from the gents down to the deep end.

I was in need of foot covering as well. A duck – or two – had lined the edge of the pool with poo.


It was a little awkward entering the blue waters of Lake Brockwell.

The water temperature still hasn’t dipped below 12 degrees. Ten degrees is where the brutalism starts to kick in.

I managed ten lengths – two more than I had hoped for. I could have carried on, but a school assembly was waiting for me back in Sunny Stockwell.

I had a bit of a fashion faux pas in the gents. My neckline for my minimalist black T-shirt was a little revealing.

Steady the buffers, Jase.

I couldn’t be arsed to change as I was leaving the flat first thing. I grabbed a Fred Perry and placed it in my swimming bag.

The only issue was that it was a white Feed Perry underneath a white tank top.

The more fashion conscience gents of Brockwell Lido gave me the all clear before I departed.

I could hear them pissing themselves behind the gents door once I had exited.

Cheers, chaps.

It was a bit of an odd SW9 school day. I seemed to have plenty of time to work my way around the school, but I didn’t achieve all that I wanted to.

Notes were scribbled, photos were snapped, videos were shot.

But nothing was edited on the job.

I’m in for a weekend ducking in and out of school work.

I caught up with Boy Y at luncheon in the outdoor school gym:

“Get fit, get muscles, get LADEEES”

…was his midday message to me.

And who am I to argue with that?


I was invited to join the Wii Dance Club later in the day. My white on white fashion sense was at least a match for my dance moves.

The school is preparing for a major event over the next fortnight. I was asked to source some photos from the archive that I have shot during the transition to the new building.

I fired up Photos on the MacBook, typed in the date, and there she was: the Mad Cat 🙁

Showing my emotions in a school is never a good thing.

Gosh, I miss that girl.

Anna started banging on back in Essex about buying an Amazon Echo.

We almost went for this last year. Anna overruled my tech boy tendencies.

I’ve now gone a little tame on the idea; apparently Anna needs it for work.

We both carry out very odd work.

I cycled back to the flat as the Transpontine skies were approaching dusk.

I tried to get a grip on what I need to achieve on the work and play front over the weekend.

This can wait.

Out went the shout of:

“To the Copper Box!”

Friday night is BALL GAME night over in Stratford.

Friday night is BALL GAME NIGHT with @londonlionsofficial at the Copper Box

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I spent an enjoyable evening in the company of the London Lions hosting the Glasgow Rocks.

No Park Run in the morning. I’ve got work shifts and I’m seeing a man about a poncey East Dulwich coffee table.

Oh dear.

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