I’ve learnt that it’s best to ignore my phone the morning after a CBC Full Council meeting.

It’s lively enough during the meeting itself; the fall out with the endless pings the morning after can be a time drain – especially when you have a train to catch.

Instead I spent the spare five minutes after I had applied the man make-up with Daisy and Dotty.

I hate leaving them each week when I disappear back to S Ldn.

I’m not a people person. Cats are where the action is.

My idea of a happy life would be to stay at home all day talking with Daisy and Dotty.

But that’s not going to pay for the new track bike that is on my shopping list.

Sorry girls – I’m outta here.

See ya next Monday.

Pay to play.

Have #Brompton, will travel. Yep

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The train journey in was amusing. For some reason I had the urge to play the Proclaimers.

I got to 500 Miles and Shenfield, and then boarding the train was a dozen pipers, all kilted up and heading in for a London away day jolly.



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They may have looked the part, but the Essex accents didn’t quite match the dress sense.

Good effort, all the same.

I crossed the river at Ldn Bridge on the newly serviced Brompton. It rolled out like a new bicycle.


I approached Elephant and had one of those *hang on* moments.

A new tower was on the E&C horizon.

At least I think it was new?

I was last around these parts only two weeks ago. The changing landscape of SE1 is a little BONKERS.

The SE17 school day was ACE.

But you knew that anyway.

Year 4 science had a few teething problems with some resilient chocolate that refused to melt.

It was a mistake to enter Year 1 wearing my best jeans whilst they were carrying out some Jackson Pollock splash painting.


Return of the Mac with the Ukulele Club was the crowning glory.

…you’ll know that I’ll be back, etc.


I cycled back to Sunny Stockwell under fading Transpontine skies.

The days of lovely lido double dipping have sadly disappeared for the winter season.

Back along South Lambeth Road and the Christmas lights have appeared since I was last around.

I can’t be arsed to write a Sunny Stockwell Christmas Tree post this year.

A brief Lidl run, and then the rest of Thursday was taken up publishing the SE17 content, plus some FaceTime catch up with Anna back in the Estuary Wilds.

Cats featured.

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