WEIRD work shift scheduling led to a run and not a swim to start off Wednesday morning.

I managed to load another 0.7km onto the Estuary Wild route to take it round to a sweet 10km.

It’s a shame that the pace wasn’t quite so sweet.

The ground along the Estuary is still bone dry all the way down to the Creek. In years gone by we have almost sunk in wellies around this time of the year.

Work ticked over.

This was a Buzz piece that just had to be written.

Library closing Lambeth Council asks residents to back ‘Borough of Culture’ bid

In Water Butt News:

I have booked a man to fit my butt.


Quotes ranged from the ridiculous £140 to £40 – which is what I went with. This is more than the price of the butt itself.

Do you really trust DIY Jase to hack away at the down pipe?

This green business is bloody expensive work.

I buggered off into Sunny Colch early evening.

Oh #Colchester

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On the agenda was the November CBC Full Council meeting.

#OddJase etc.

I listened to debates about train strikes, Brexit and DIRTY TOILETS.

I made the strategic decision to bugger off back to base at a sensible time.

Daisy and Dotty were being a little feral on my return.

I spent the rest of Wednesday trying to calm them down.

Anna can pick up the pieces in the morning.

I’m pissing off back to S Ldn.


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