A tired old start to Tuesday.

Sunrise before 7am, but still my body clock is buggered.

I didn’t even have the inspiration for the now weekly comment on Anna’s corporate dress sense as she disappeared back to S Ldn.

I’ll think of a suitable response by the time I join her at the end of the week.

Time was tight for the morning swim.

Hythe, innit

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I caught Mr Cormorant in full flight down by the Muddy Banks.

I think?

Can cormorants fly?

I don’t give a stuff about nature shit tbh.

Thirty half-arsed lengths, and then a dash back to base for work.

Some RSS reading followed.

I LOVED Diamond Geezer’s Life List.

My maths is rubbish. But I make it that I have lived in the following locations for the specified amounts of time:

Nottm 41%

Essex 21%

L******er 2%

London 31%

I’m surprised that my stay in the City of Death lasted as long as 2%.

And yep – I’m aware that the totals don’t quite tot up. Plus the WEIRD S Ldn / Estuary Wilds life balancing act of the past four years hasn’t been factored into the equation.

Work pressed on.

My Line Manager for the morning #FaveKitten

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I reached a milestone with my work Inbox showing 17,000 emails.


Most have been read…

CBC Full Council Motion to Debate Brexit and the Uni

Some Chronic action late in the day, and then general online admin and trying to clear the decks ahead of disappearing back to S Ldn myself.

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