Sunday was all about the bicycle ride.

A relatively short CTC run was scheduled. We changed the roll out time to half an hour later to match the winter season.

Christ. That sounds depressing.

Anna remarked that I had the appearance of a Denry man as I cycled off to Sunny Colch before 9am.

It’s a look that reflects my age, Comrades.


Oh dear

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Awaiting at the other end of town was an enthusiastic gathering, just short of twenty riders.

The route was roughly back over to Fingringhoe [stop it] for morning coffee, and then the Mersea Island hop for luncheon.

The ride into Fingringhoe took us through Friday Woods and slightly off track. We passed what can only be described as a gathering of Alsatian enthusiasts – with their Alsatians, natch.

An Alsatian enthusiast is no doubt blogging right now about how their group of twenty or so dog walkers passed what can only be described as a gathering of Derny men.

Life is good.

My tourer bike handled the technical ride rather well. I was a little concerned having pumped the inners to the PSI max the night before.

Coffee break at Fingringhoe on the CTC Club Run. Chapeau!

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We rocked up at Fingringhoe for the morning coffee refill.

I was a little concerned. The last time that Anna and I tried this in lycra we felt like we were reliving the Withnail Penrith tea room scene.

‘What do you want?”


Times have changed.

The Fingringhoe Nature Reserve now has a rather ACE coffee shop. I’m not sure why, but Weatherspoon’s vouchers for the next twelve months were handed out.

Chin chin.

We took another detour for the Mersea Island hop.

The sign said Private Land.

This land is your land, this land is my land, etc.

It felt like proper Paris Roubaix territory across the rural pave sectors.

#chinchin Chapeau!

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Some luncheon at Mersea Island, a quick spin around the island and then the ride back to base.

I arrived home in time to see the L******er Vs Everton match.

Darryl and I recorded Town Hall Tapes early evening.

The idea was to keep these condensed. Those #localgov stories keep on coming our way though.

We caught up with the Ldn 6 from earlier in the afternoon.

A late, late work shift brought Sunday to a close.

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