Fat cat, skinny cat to kick start the weekend.

It’s not as severe as that, but Daisy is ballooning whilst Dotty is all bone.

The roles were reversed when they were kittens 🙁

The food intake is identical – this is the main issue tbh.

The 5:45am [yeah, I know] feeding routine required keen supervision.

Cats can’t understand profanity, right?

Oh bollocks.

I made use of the early hour by bashing out a Chronic post.

FoI Probes those CBC ‘6.3m Visitors’ Boasts

A decade and a half of blogging has taught me that it’s all about rhythm and pace.

The Chronic has had more comebacks than my 5-a-side career. I’m on a bit of a roll right now. The trick is to try and sustain this.

Anna and I disappeared to the train station just after 8am en route to Park Run. This was the first proper chilled morning of the season.

We let the train take the strain towards Sunny Colch as my Brompton was being picked up later in the town.

Colchester Park Run. Goodo

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We arrived in good time underneath the Castle Park Bandstand. I gravitated towards the Park Run LibDem corner.

Don’t judge me Comrades – they’re a half decent bunch around here.

Madam Race Director ran through the meet ‘n’ greet. The stopwatch situation of last Saturday was explained. Two faulty devices led to two dozen or so runners clocking the same time.

I felt good for the full 5km duration this morning. I even managed a sprint finish.

I was hopeful of a PB.

The email later in the morning clocked me at 21’34” – nine seconds off a Castle Park PB.


I can’t see where I can find the extra nine seconds from. I was pretty flat out.

Much like my physique, I have levelled.

I didn’t hang around for long in Castle Park. I headed over to the bicycle shop to pick up the newly serviced Brompton.

The gear shifter, gear lever and something I didn’t quite understand down in the crank have all been upgraded.

Muddy Banks, innit

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I road tested it by cycling up towards the gym.


I had a brief session on the weights. A couple of gym buddies had colonised a pair of stations.

Cheers, fellas.

I had more success in the pool.

The Mersea Island Power Couple were putting in the lengths. They swim parallel, pacing each other.

They also unknowingly pace me.

I managed to gain a single length every fifteen off them. I quit whilst I was ahead after forty lengths. They probably carried on for another fifty.

I couldn’t hang around as I had an afternoon of stop / start work shifts. I caught the first half of the Man Utd Vs lolSpuz match, and then had a free half hour window.

I cycled on to Alresford to see the LOVELY Mad Cat Lady of Essex.

‘ere we go…

The main reason was to pass on a box of cat food that Daisy and Dotty have been picky over.

At the back of my mind was the possibility of seeing the missing thrid sister.

Twelve months ago we had to make a choice as three became two. I have often wondered what became of the third sister that we left behind.

The LOVELY Mad Cat Lady of Essex said that she was long gone.

She then told me that Daisy and Dotty came from “a family of gypsies.”


More work, more South Lambeth Road admin.

I think we have made a breakthrough in finally setting up a business account for the property.

The afternoon shifts were spent with 5Live on in the background. It’s been a couple of years since I listened to a Saturday afternoon of live scores.

I found it all a little excessive and noisy.

More from the MASTER BAKER

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Flapjack was made, flapjack was eaten.

Work tools were downed. I had half an hour of daylight remaining to make a start on sweeping up the now falling wisteria leaves.

It’s a bloody pain.

I had it all finished in time for Forest away at Hull City on Sky.

#TwoStarsOnTheBadge, etc.

The rest of Saturday was lost in watching the Ldn 6 and DESTROYING the hipster booze that was delivered during the week.

Chin chin.

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