A manic start to Tuesday.

I was on the 7am shift, Anna buggered back to S Ldn.

Dotty decided to play.

Not now, dear.

Anna’s departing words to me were:

“Make sure you play in the pussy tunnel.”


Work settled, and so did the new cat dietary routine.

Cat up a wisteria, innit

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Daisy is becoming a bit of a porker. We are trialling separate feeding stations. It’s a little complex keeping on top of it tbh.

The Estuary Wilds weather was an improvement on Monday. I worked for most of the morning with the back door open.

I disappeared before luncheon for the swim.

Who pulled the plug?

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The water was back in the pool, if not the Estuary.

I always seem to come up with my best / worst ideas whilst cycling along the Trail.

An ambitious thought for The Chronic came in to my head.

I do need to think this through first.

Or do?

Just f-it and do it?

Actually, I should transport the thought back to the lovely lido.

Now *this* is where all good life plans are hatched.

Afternoon work led through to the Ldn 6 on Eurosport, early evening.

Yes, yes – I am going to spend the next six evenings watching lycra lads whiz round and round at le velo.

The Ldn 6 has established itself in recent years as being a highlight of the track season.

A late, late work shift ended a fairly productive Tuesday.

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