The first seasonal appearance of the running gloves early on Sunday morning.

They still STANK from last year tbh.

I wanted to run around the Estuary Wilds route down to the Creek and back. The rain the night before put me off the scent.

And so instead the rather drab University route.

I kept a steady pace and pushed it all the way.

My Strava timeline is telling me that this is now a sub 40 minute route, compared to the 45+ from a few years ago.

I would rather not know my timings from over a quarter of a Century ago.

A quick shower – it really was quick – and then Anna and I legged it down to the train station.

To Manningtree!


We had plans for a Dedham Vale ramble.

wtf #WeirdWiv

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This was billed as the final hurrah of the late, late summer.

It was raining with heavy winds when we arrived at Manningtree.

The platform buffet bar at 9:30am on Sunday morning was quite a sight. The East Anglia Derby was taking place up the road at Ipswich three hours later.

It’s thirsty work, this local footballing rivalry. Around 50 Manningtree Tractor Boys (and Girls) were refreshing themselves.

Bit early in the morning for festivities, Sir?

We got our heads down and ploughed on with the route.

There was no route.

It was only at this stage that I realised that Anna was making it up.

Walking nature shit, innit

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We stopped to take in some nature shit: a heron, a couple of cormorants, egrets and a flyover from the local Canada geese squad.

Nature shit is *so* overrated.

Tell It Like It Is

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The weather cleared as we approached Flatford. This is the epicentre of Constable country.

We paused for a photo outside *that* cottage.

Pretty. You could paint a picture of that

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Anna insisted on snapping me looking throughly grumpy.

A passing tourist asked if we would like a photo being taken together.

I politely declined.

It gave the impression that we were a ‘couple’ that perhaps shouldn’t be seen together as being a couple, if you know what I mean.

More walking, more dogs.

I felt a bit of a fraud not strolling around these parts without a four-legged friend.

Anna f-ed up towards Dedham. We did a detour of a couple of extra miles.

Cheers, Anna.

About TURN

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Dedham itself was quaint.

I passed on the opportunity of a local craft fair.

The Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty was a little hyperbole.

We were walking in a field by a river that was covered in cow shit.

Jase 1, TREES 0 #trees

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A little more route miscalculations meant that we missed the train.

Hey hoe.

We took in the scenic delights of a Manningtree industrial estate instead.

Finally we were back at base in time for the Spuz match.

I collapsed.

Some money talk with Anna occupied the early evening.

The next six months are going to be interesting…

I edited the snaps from earlier in the day.

Some pussy tunnel time with the cats, catching up with the George Michael C4 programme and finally another later, late work shift to end Sunday.

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