The 7am shift, some Chronic action and a bit of Buzz blogging as well.

There was a time when all this would have been carried out at 3am in the morning. I’d then roll up at the school gates looking fresh.

I now find it hard to sleep past 6am.

Mr Peel kept me company. I’ve just about made it through the Revolution / Evolution series before it falls off the back of the iPlayer.

It is cruel to hear his confidence growing from the 70s through to the 90s. Imagine how commanding he would be now if still broadcasting šŸ™

I had a slight work panic with a shift for a client that I’ve not worked for a couple of months. I spent an hour or so with my head buried in online policies.

Yer man @RobertElms played Brass in Pocket.

I stopped what I was doing and plucked away at some air guitar.


In #OddJase News:


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My winter coats were aired.


The Estuary Wilds air was pure and fresh today. The usual stink of the shit rolling in off the Muddy Banks was AWOL.

I wonder if Daniel Cruz Tizon airs his winter coats, dodgy hood and all?

The SE21 school content from Monday was finally edited and published. This is my most stressful – and probably most enjoyable – school.

There is just so much to to cover with classes from Nursery through to Year 13.

Collecting the content is not the concern; the school day just goes… WOH.

It is the editing of all the images and coming up with the words that takes time.

I always sigh when the task is completed. The feedback I get justifies the effort.

A happy, happy school.

I had a mid-afternoon window free of work shifts. I cycled off to the gym.

Tidal Thursday, innit

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This normally doesn’t work for me. I need to be active first thing, and not after luncheon.

I had a light weights sessions, and then a power swim.

My lovely neighbour joined me in the spa. It wasn’t as *awks* as it could have been.

Dusk was falling. I dithered over a bicycle ride back along the unlit Trail.


Oh Muddy Banks Man

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I was rewarded with the most amazing light and water show.

End of the World #WeirdWiv

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A little more evening work, and then the Sky cut and paste on the Forest Vs D***y derbies.

Yep – the Brian Clough Trophy is up for grabs once again this weekend.

My old man said be a D***y fan, I said…

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