The first frog for a weeks was delivered to me during the 7am work shift.


#lolcats etc

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It was but a baby; blood had been drawn 🙁

I managed to dive in before Dotty had the chance to finish the poor little fella off.

Hey hoe.

Work was stop / start, as ever.

I had a backlog of school content to edit and publish as well. I took the decision to remain housebound for the day and abort the swim.

The School To Do list didn’t make many dents tbh.

Gilles Peterson was a delight.

Bloody LOVE that show.

I downed work tools late afternoon.

Out went the shout of:

“To Sunny Colch!”

Oh dear, etc.


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I made a return to the CBC Cabinet for the first time in a few months. I’ve been away for sometime, due to many different reasons.

It was the usual political punch up.

I was chatted up by a Tory, driven home by a LibDem and blown out by Labour.

‘aint that always the case, Comrades.

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