A manic 7am work shift first thing on Tuesday morning.


The online cavalry rolled up at 9am.

I disappeared to the gym for the recovery session.

Oh look. It’s that Muddy Banks Man again

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This was my first time back on the weights since Wednesday.


That bloody hurt.

I’ve had better swims.

The aqua aerobics was breaking out as I put on the goggles. Big bone ladies and gents can shift a substantial volume of water.

It didn’t get much better in the showers.

Someone appeared to have had an accident in the cubicle.


@RobertElms on Ldn gentrification was essential listening. Yer man Bob – and his listeners – had no answers.

Some superb observations though.

I bashed out a timely Buzz post.

More work.

More new work tools ahoy!

The modern interweb likes to reinvent itself everytime I sign in to a work shift.

Some FoI nonsense with Lambeth Council followed.

Seriously, fellas?

I tried to make some progress with the publishing of school content. The native Vimeo uploader via iPhone was b0orked.


Tuesday evening saw the invite for a drink with a local Cllr.


Well I never, etc.

Chin chin.

*cat pics filler – for shit n giggles*


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The delightful Madam Dotty

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