A delayed start to the working week with some cufflinks faff.

My new posho corporate shirts may give the impression of a man in control, but the reality is that I struggle with cufflinks.

Which all meant that I was a little behind schedule at Lake Brockwell.

#lidolove to start the week

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I rocked up at the lovely lido with little time to spare ahead of the school assembly.

Ten lengths – that was your lot.

But WHAT a ten lengths, Comrades.

I bloody loved it.

The water has dipped below 14 degrees for the first time this season. The lanes were empty and the Icicle conversation in the gents was playful.

My kind of lido morning.

I made the short climb up Croxted Road on the Brompton, and then a brilliant school day in SE21.

School allotments, innit

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It was straight outta assembly and straight over to the school allotments.

I knew this was coming. I made sure that I packed my own gardening shoes rather than mess up the freshly polished loafers.

The rest of the school day was a bit WOH.

Fifteen classes, 2,000+ words a teacher photo shoot.

I always end up leaving the SE21 school with a huge smile on my face.

Which is just as well, seeing as though I had to cycle all the way up to LS and back to *over there.*

Oh dear, etc.

A big man with fat feet wearing a pair of flip flops was sitting opposite me for the entire journey.

wtf is wrong with this place, etc.

Anna met me off the train.


There was no romance involved – she wanted to be shown where we need to go to pick up the weekly veg box delivery.

Mr @bennisonfarm delivers: goodo

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Some catching up from my week back in S Ldn followed.

Cat worming was also involved.

I caught the second half of the Wales Vs Republic match.

Football. Bloody hell, etc.

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