A domestic day of getting shit done

The lovely lido dip was the first F-ME wake up call of the season.

Steam caravan days are back #lidolove

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The water temperature was 15 degrees on the mark. This usually means that I need to switch to two swimming hats.

It was ‘lively’ putting in the lengths this morning. Twelve were ticked off before I retreated to the poolside sauna.

The Icicle conversation was still centred around the Lido Users AGM yesterday. It seems that I disappeared as the voting got interesting.

I picked up a random mid-morning work shift.

School content from SW9 on Friday was then edited.

The South London sun instructed me that I needed to get things done outside. The front garden wall has been in need of a lick of paint for a couple of summers now.

I cycled off to Clap’ham North to pick up a few DIY blokey bits and bobs.


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The wall was scrubbed down first. Anna tells me that it is all about the preparation.

It bloody reeked as I washed away the layers of Gawd knows what. I was hopeful of a passing Daniel Cruz Tizon seeing my toil. He would have appreciated the industrial strength rubber gloves.

Instead I had Sunday morning walkers. The consensus seemed to be that my wall was looking “nice.”

I chipped off layers of old paint to reveal an original green as the base layer. I have no memory of this. Can any South Lambeth Road social historians clarify if my flat has ever been green?

Some hip hop style beefed up car bounced down South Lambeth Road pumping out the tunes.

I wasn’t expecting the boyz within to be getting on down with Dark Side of the Moon.


I applied the first coat and then left it to dry.

My work for the day: a freshly painted garden wall. And yes, my flat was once an opticians. Sunny #Stockwell

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Some bastard bulbs needed planting in the garden.

Anna has been banging on about these for the past fortnight. She has come out with all sorts of country crap about “first frost” or some other rural toss.

There was bloody LOADS of them.

What annoyed me was that some unknown bulbs are already starting to shoot up.

A bit early for festivities, Sir, etc?

The painted wall was dry within the hour. I splashed on a second layer like the bodging amateur that I am.

Back indoors and I recorded Town Hall Tapes with Darryl later in the afternoon. We had resolved to keep these brief. There is so much content out there though.

A mad housework dash then followed.

I caught up with Anna back *over there* on FaceTime.

*over there* for her today has been Manningtree.

She boarded the wrong train after her silly golf.

Oh dear.

Big old SE21 school day coming up on Monday.


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