That was a day.

It began by being boxed in on the brilliant Brockwell Park Run; it ended with a Mexican jig down at Bankside.

My energy levels are low; my mind is wide awake for future possibilities.

But first Brockwell Park Run, yeah?

I was feeling strong ahead of the race. I even whispered the *PB* naughty words to myself as I lined up at the start.

The spint down to the Brixton Water Lane first corner was tight. I reckon that I lost around 15 seconds.

Which is a polite way of saying:


I missed out on a PB by three bloody seconds.

More pleasing was being able to keep the challenging pace set by Lido Steven. I finished right behind him with an official race time of 21’11”.

I was third in my age cat. Lido Steven was second, natch.

It is unknown who the elderly sprinter above us both is.

I joined Lido Steven and the other Icicles for a speedy ten lengths in Lake Brockwell.

We have reached the point in the season where I know most people swimming with me in the pool. This is a very calming presence.

Saturday morning #lidolove. BLU AGM morning as well. Goodo

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A brief shower, and then it was The Brockwell Lido Users AGM.

Oh Lordy.

Time and tide has kept me away from the AGM for the past seven seasons. I’ve loft the enthusiasm to ask my annual question about a combined Lambeth indoor and outdoor swimming season ticket.

LOVELY BLU AGM, innit #lidolove

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The cold water heresy of heating up the lovely lido took up a great deal of discussion. It was a decent debate, but one in which is empty as Fusion has no plans to do this.

Cold water swimmers can be a militant lot.

I didn’t recognise half of them with their clothes on tbh.

I had to bail out early. I was due up the road at le velo for a Saturday morning track skills session.

Saturday morning track training at #hernehill. Bloody LOVE it. Chapeau!

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The BIG BOYS of Herne Hill were putting in their final power sprints as I arrived.

A friendly face from back in the day (2007-ish…) tapped me on the shoulder for a catch up.

I had a few technical issues ahead of the roll out. I couldn’t even get myself strapped in.

I soon settled and put in 27km in under an hour.

The coaches introduced us to stacking – lining up the banks of Herne Hill with five or more riders. It was a interesting idea, but one that led me feeling a little unsteady as the rain started to fall.

Um, chapeau!

I had a brief look around the bicycling jumble sale, and then cycled back down to Sunny Stockwell.

My iPhone notes from the BLU AGM then became a Buzz post.

Brockwell Lido Users AGM discusses heating historic 80 year old outdoor pool

It was a tight turnaround as Champion Hill was next up on the agenda.

Non League Day down at the Dulwich has developed into an amzing experience. Over 2,400 folk turned out to watch the pink ‘n’ blue boys play Needham Market – hardly a glamour fixture.

2,417 down the Dulwich for #NonLeagueDay. Bloody brilliant effort.

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An awful lot of work goes in behind the scenes to make this happen.

LOVE that club.

#dhfc, innit

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I did a brief photo walk around the ground during the first half. A Boris Johnson look-a-like (I think?) was getting stuck into the craft beer.

I bumped into Mike Urban. We had a brief Brixton Buzz editorial chat.

We pissed ourselves over Lib getting her Progress pants in a twist.

The final score of 2-0 to the Dulwich seemed about fair.

#dhfc, innit

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BOOZE at the local Spoons was declined. I was dispatched by Anna to a poncey East Dulwich antiques shop to buy a bloody coffee table.

We both looked at it a couple of weeks ago. I was keen, she was hesitant.

Her mind has since changed. I had my orders.

I wasn’t the only Dulwich fan in the poncey East Dulwich antiques shop at full time. I wonder if the Dulwich crowd increases has had a significant impact on the local economy?

I headed back to Sunny Stockwell, published the Dulwich pics, and then out went the shout of:

“To The Globe!”



Much Ado was the final performance for me for the season. It was set in Mexico with a very colourful cast.

I am at The Globe. I am wearing TIGHTS. I shit you not

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I was unsure at first, but soon got into the spirit.

I am very, very tired.

Saturdays now seem to be my day of running around town / Sunny Colch.

I’m convinced that I will die on a Saturday, rather than a boring midweek afternoon.

Optimism, Jase.

That was a day.

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