Some Moulton love early on Friday morning.

I cycled through Sunny Stockwell on the Moulton Mini, en route to Lake Brockwell.

A fella on a Moulton Space frame passed me in the opposite direction at Stockwell Cross.


We both gave each other that smug Moultoneers look.

A little bicycle envy then took place. Much like the Stockwell Cross flow of traffic, this was very much one way.

I love my Mini, but *ooohhhhh* a Space frame.

I didn’t have the same level of envy when I passed a fella best described as being dressed as Rupert Bear along Stockwell Road.


It was the full red blood trousers and a tweed jacket to match.

I’m all for the swaggering Dandy look, but this was a little too much County File for my liking.

This is why we swim #lidolove

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The lovely lido swim was brief, but it did the business.

The water is still teasing above the 15 degrees level. I expect it to drop below the significant figure of 15 before the weekend is out.

I managed ten lengths with the one hat.

The changing rooms were a little rammed at 8:30am. The winter snob swimmer within looks forward to the cooling off over the coming weeks.

I then cycled on to a full on school day in SW9.


Where did the day go?

I ran around from Year 7 to Year 13.

I loved every minute of it.

Year 13 maths made me realise that I was out of my depth.

I deliberately dropped Boy Y whilst playing cricket late in the afternoon.

HOZZAT, fella?

He then had a go at me for being rubbish at fielding.

Cheers, Boy Y.

I made the BALL BREAKING work commute back to base, and then my phone went a little BONKERS.

I didn’t need confirmation from any trusted source that Sean Harriss had resigned from his Lambeth Council Chief Exec role. The number of DM’s flooding my phone was enough.

I bashed out the Buzz piece, published, and then went back in to tidy up with the links.

Exclusive: Sean Harriss resigns as Chief Executive of Lambeth Council due to ‘ill health’

I was due over in Stratford at 7:30pm for the basketball. I quite enjoyed the urgency of the tight deadline.

I made the schlep all the way over to Stratford for London Lions Vs Manchester Giants.

That journey doesn’t get any better…

Friday night is ball game night with @londonlionsofficial at the Copper Box

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It was a decent ball game. Lions are looking bloody strong early season. Any team that can rack up 115 points on the board has to be taken seriously.

The final quarter saw some fantastic showboating form the home team.

Over an hour later I was back in Sunny Stockwell.

I whacked up the pics from the ball game.

Knackered, as ever.

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