I took one look at the Sunny Stockwell weather forecast on Thursday morning and thought: F-that.

Apologies, Icicle friends. The lovely lido can take a rain check.

And so a return to a run around Clap’ham Common instead.

The mean streets of SW4 at 7am are made up of fellow runners, bicyclists on expensive frames and Fresh Young Things walking down to the tube.

It was something of a relief to see Lampshade Man as I approached Iceland on the return route.

Mr Lampshade is the subject of one of my most celebrated photos from back in the day. As the name suggests, he wears a lampshade on his head.

He wouldn’t look out of place if he was to stand in a tall, upright position in the corner of my dear old Nan’s front room.

To the best of my knowledge I’ve only ever seen Lampshade Man once before. The photo was snapped and I didn’t want to stay around to hear his story.

And so as another City Boy made his way down to Stockwell tube, Lampshade Man stood out on Thursday morning.

But wait! What’s this?

Where’s the lampshade, fella?

No worries. A pair of large swimming goggles were being worn instead.

Rain was forecast, after all.

I didn’t snap him this time, but pressed on for what came close to a PB on the King of Clap’ham Common circuit.

I’m running faster now than I ever did back in the days of the regular weekend Clap’ham run.

I had a little spare time back at the flat, waiting for the weather to clear up.

Like a FOOL I dived in with some fiddly WordPress licence keys.

I want to use a theme for The Chronic that I bought a licence for over a year ago. The support has lapsed, and so it seems is the key.

This can’t be right – I bought a ‘lifetime’ online licence.

Ha, bloody ha.

I’ve got a lifetime membership for the video shop back in the Fairy City buried away somewhere.

The support from halfway around the world was decent. We came to an agreement; I am able to roll out the theme for The Chronic.

If I can be arsed…

The S Ldn skies cleared and so I cycled off to SE17 on the Mini Moulton.

A cargo bike carrying a kid in the front actually overtook me.


This school day was a bit of a MAD one.

It was great fun, all the same.

An Ancient Egyptian assembly, Year 1 abstract art and playing the recorders in Year 5.

How was YOUR working day, Comrades?

Ponce it up, you PONCE #ponce #PerfumePonce

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As ever I got completely ponced up. It was most unnecessary.

The Nursery staff had a smile when I had to do a runner. A young fella took a liking to my freshly polished loafers with his green paint brush.

Steady the buffers.

I left SE17 and cycled back to Sunny Stockwell.

Lidl LOVE. I will look just like the geezer, innit #LIDL

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A brief Lidl run led to the buying of a pair of… briefs.

I turned around a couple of videos using iOS11 for the first time. It’s now no longer possible to upload to Vimeo from Photos.

I don’t like it when my established workflow gets messed around.

It was actually rather smooth to upload natively from the Vimeo app itself. I now need to find an app that will spunk out 1,500 words and 200 images for each time that I am working in a school.

It was a stunning SW8 sunset btw.

Sunny #Stockwell skies, innit

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Another school day in the morning.


Sunny #Stockwell, innit

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