Any early morning that starts with Eek-A-Mouse has to be an ACE morning.

Na Make Mi Girl Go Away was a rather decent start to #LateJunction as I fired up the work tools for the 7am shift.

And them some Woody and Riding in my Car.

Bloody LOVE #LateJunction

I bashed out a brief Chronic piece, and then cycled off along a blustery Trail towards the gym.

CBC Splashes the NHB Dosh

I’m getting pretty pissed off with gym buddies.

Maybe it’s because I have no buddies?

The way in which they monopolise a piece of equipment is poor etiquette. I wouldn’t such mind, but most of the time the Buddy Boys sit there talking crap.

You won’t get a body beautiful with your bloody bants, buddy.

My frustrations disappeared with the swim. I had the whole pool to myself.

I was on a downer once again with the showers.

They REEKED of piss 🙁

The luncheon work shift was manic. It meant that I missed the Theresa May speech.


@RobertElms instead was superb.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Routemaster chap had a feature on an early Jam performance along Newport Court in Soho.

It’s well worth a catch up, one hour and thirty in on the iPlayer.

The summer garden table was cleaned and stored away for another season later in the afternoon. This is symbolic. I held back the emotions.

Farewell my summer love, etc.

I took the opportunity to put the OCD shed in ship shape for the winter season.

EVERYTHING has its place.


A little manic gardening followed. The spiky plant that we killed off over five years ago refuses to die. Another offshoot was sprouting up, hidden away from where the table was.

I pulled, pulled and pulled – much like the old fella in the Enormous Turnip.

You know where this story is ending.

Five minutes later and I was flat on my backside with my arse hanging out of a large plant pot.


Private Eye picked up on our Buzz story about Lambeth Labour lobbying the Tories to try and silence scrutiny in the borough.


I had some early evening work, and then buggered off back to S Ldn.

Anna passed me in the opposite direction somewhere around Chelmsford.

I cycled down from LS back to Sunny Stockwell. I passed a S Ldn yoof pulling a wheelie on a Brompton along Kennington Road. I’d wager that S Ldn yoof hasn’t got a receipt for the Brompton 🙁

This was the first time that I have seen the flat since the paint job was finished.

It looks pretty fantastic.

It smells even better.


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