A strange run and a stray bull to begin Tuesday morning.

I set off along the Estuary and out towards Alresford. We were warned during the walk along the same route on Saturday that a randy bull was on the loose.

Oh Lordy.

It was still something of a shock at 7am to be shouted at by the farmer:

“Watch out for my randy bull! The bastard has gone astray!”

I am living my life through the prism of Withnail and I.

The randy bull didn’t delay my run; my overdose the night before on the veg box did slow me down considerably.

Tuesday work was routine.

Some Chronic and Buzz action followed.

I’m trying to find the time to step up with The Chronic. I’ve got some ‘exciting news’ planned. I just need the time to roll it out.

Buzz meanwhile continues to amuse.

Luncheon was spent carrying out various house admin. The line rental had to be renewed for another year.

They’ve got you by the bollocks, right?

I managed to blag a decent deal on buildings insurance to soften the BT blow.

The weekly sweeping of the autumnal leaves was a bloody chore. They should all be down within the next two weeks or so.

Dotty was a bloody worry.

She darted at some pace from the front of the house whilst I was sweeping. She is getting ever closer to the cars 🙁

Her pace was to show off the poor little mouse that she had captured. I spoilt the fun by releasing the little fella before she could rip his head off.


More work in the afternoon, plus some digging for a Buzz story.

I’m not very good at playing the long game and putting in hours of research. But some stories need it.

Some sweetcorn from the veg box increased my energy levels once again. I released this with a late afternoon bicycle ride on the Lawford loop.

This is a route that I usually don’t trust myself to navigate solo. I was rather pleased that I didn’t get lost.

Oh dear

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Some darts followed into the evening.

I’m pretty knackered tbh.

Oh yeah – Happy Birthday Wifey.

Wherever you might be.

I’ve bought you a present, btw.

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